Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All Work, No Play

Because of Beautiful's feet, it seems like we spend a lot of time "training", and not as much playing.

I try to get out every day at least once, and I aim for 3 times--but if something has to go--it's the play time.

If we do have "play", it's usually at night--around sundown--when all the horses come in to relax and mutual groom. That's our time to unwind and enjoy each other.

I'm not sure if the "play" sessions or the "training" sessions have gotten me further, but things are getting easier. Simple things like petting her all over and haltering her aren't a big deal anymore, though she's still shy about the feet.

I know a week or two from now these sessions will be rewarded and picking up her feet will be as simple as petting her. (At least I tell myself that).

Here are some pictures of our session today--taken by myself and working with one hand. (I don't recommend it!) The picture of her in the halter--she's about to fall asleep on me. She didn't really wake up until we started the foot work. :)


  1. I'm glad things are going so well! And don't feel too bad about her feet, sometimes it takes people a long time to get that far. You are doing a fantastic job and I bet she'll get the hang of it real soon.

  2. One of my friends came out the other day to help me with our two little mustangs. She took one. I took the other one. Whatever she did, I did with Cali. I looked over and she was scratching Scout right above her tail! Scratch, scratch, scratch! Scout's head was down, her eyes were nearly closed...she was in horsie heaven! It didn't last long, however! Nope! She has always been the wary one and her head popped up and off she went! It was fun to watch, though!


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