Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's Missing?

Hello, what are you doing out there? It's time for me to eat!

What's missing today? Hmmmm...let me see--a halter and lead rope? Did BG's owner gentle her so she could get close enough to remove it. No.

So, how did it get off? That is a mystery--and I don't think I even want to know. I'm just happy to see that she's okay. (And, that's why people sometimes recommend against leaving halters on).

I have some pictures taken this afternoon minus the halter. She's so fun to photograph--she hardly takes a bad picture.

I had to get her out of the barn for the picture because whenever she sees me coming she runs inside the stall and to her feed bin. Today I stood outside at her run with my camera so I could get a photograph of her naked head.

She peeked out of the stall door--then came out to see me. She's so BRAVE behind those bars!!

What a Beautiful Mustang!!


  1. She is so stunning! I love the highlights in her bangs (Shoni has those too) and I love her dorsal stripe. I can't wait until you can love and pet all over her! She looks like she is going to be a sweetie!

  2. She is a pretty girl! And she sure doesn't look worried or scared. That's a good thing! I still wish I could come meet her. Maybe one of these days... I may be heading up to Deer Park sometime this week to trim a horse that used to be mine. Maybe, if you don't mind, I could stop by? I'm still not sure when, or even if I'm going for sure.

  3. Thanks, Nikki & Andrea. Nikki--I've got to go to your site and read the archives. I hope I have time today. Andrea, PLEASE stop by if you come up this way. I'd love it. Just let me have a rough idea when so I don't schedule anything. :)


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