Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's Happening to Her Mane?

This issue seemed small time compared to her feet, but last week when I started grooming her, her mane hair was coming out in clumps. It looked like she'd ratted it up by scratching it against the wood door. I looked at it and there didn't seem to be any signs of bites, open sores, etc., but there was what appeared to be swelling in tent like bumps. Her appetite is, of course, great and the rest of her body hair is fine.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this--viral, stress, change in diet, too much selenium, bites, etc?

Thanks for any input!


  1. In the old days when a horse was scratching his mane off we said it was lice and got some lice powder. But this is not just in an itchy spot is it? It looks like a lot of area is involved.
    Please post pictures of her trimmed feet because I'd love to see what he did.

  2. I'm suspecting lice, now that you say that. I'm going to try to find something for that. I hope it doesn't spread to the rest of the herd. I hope I haven't shared brushes! I wonder if stress and a change in the diet has caused this, because I've read that it can.

  3. Also, the BLM didn't have her on a regular worming schedule--she got one in August and one before the spring adoption.

  4. I have heard that too much selenium will make their manes fall out, but I'd be surprised if that were the case with her. And I don't think they get bumps from that.

    Could be allergies, fungus, lice... I don't know much about skin problems. ???

    You might try some Shapely's MTG on it. I know it's renowned for fixing skin problems and making hair grow. But I would definitely think about treating her for lice and dose her with ivermectin in her grain.

    If you find out what it is, I'd love to know. That is weird looking. I hope you get it figured out before she loses much more mane.

  5. I did give her a salt block with selenium, but I just took it out. I have a spray that works for lice--I'm going to try that. And, I do have a pelleted wormer that she'll probably take now that she eats grain. I also treated her with "rain rot" just in case it was a fungus, but I don't think so--it usually falls out--where this has been scratched off.


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