Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Pics of Mane and Feet

This skin issue is weird. I started to think it could be so many things.

1.) Until she'd let us halter her, we used the rope around her neck and mane to get her to face up and stay with us--this could have irritated the mane.

2.) Lice: I don't see any lice--but she has been itching her mane like crazy--and she is next to the goats--can they spread lice to horses? I sprayed her with a lice spray and worked it all through her mane--just in case. And, I wormed her with a pellet wormer.

3.) Fungal infection: But that usually makes it come out in clumps, whereas this is itched off. Still, I treated her with rain rot.

4.) Selenium: I took away her selenium salt block since she's getting Horse Guard Vitamins.

The feet, as you'll see, were not filed down--that would have been asking too much of her. He simply took off a lot of heel, but not enough to lame her--and a little toe. I think it's good that she's not walking on her toes at all--which had been a concern of some people who saw her. It appears that she is actually back on her heel.

BTW, after he trimmed her, I saw her lope for the first time--three laps around her run. And, she hasn't shown any tenderness or lameness.

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  1. Sweet itch!! It's three years later and now I know. She had just moved here and was under stress--she itched and itched--it was sweet itch!


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