Friday, June 13, 2008

Intensive Training Day 2

Update: 4:00 pm. 2nd day intensive training:

I scratched Beautiful's back!! She loved it.

The techniques worked. I shortened the turnout, did the bamboo pole and pvc at the same time, worked over her legs and under her belly, then tied a rope to one of the poles and worked it around her body, and then the hand wasn't so bad.

She tried to avoid me by moving slowly away, but when I got my hand on her, I kept it there and moved slowly with her. She stopped. Then I praised her and started to pet her back lightly--she got that look like babies do when you get their itchy spot, but her whole back was an itchy spot. So I scratched her, and left abruptly on a good note and fed her.

Earlier today:

Thanks for everyone's suggestions--I've gone to the websites, watched video and put much of it into practice. I've certainly sped up the training.

Today I've been out there twice with the pole. I'm working it all over her body. Earlier, I got her to accept it on her back legs and near her face--also on her front hip. She's really scared to let it touch her chest and front legs--so that's where I'm going in about an hour.

My schedule is about every two hours--and since she isn't working very hard--it's more about desensitizing--I think she can handle it.

There's already progress in her willingness or her belief that I'm not going away.

Yesterday, she had a mad look on her face at every session--like YOU are my FEEDER!!! Today it's an entirely different look, like WHAT do you want--please tell me. She's looking at me, licking her lips more, and thinking. I'm also giving her smaller amounts of food at feeding and feeding her a little after each lesson.

When I get through with the front of her body, I'm adding the rope. Also, I'm shortening up my pen to 24x24 from 36x36. I need a much smaller space. I'll do that when my husband comes home for lunch.

More later. Thanks for all your help and wonderful ideas and support.


  1. Yey!!!! Congrats! That is such a good feeling when you get that first touch! :)

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  3. It was great! I went back out tonight and did some more. I hadn't planned on it, but I was out there working the others, so I thought, why not? I had to start from the beginning, but ended up scratching over most of her body. Something one of the trainers said in a video really stood out to me--he said, "It's not the touch, it's the anticipation of the touch that really frightens them." So, I'm trying to keep my hand on there once it's there--I've been in kicking range a few times, but she hasn't done it.

  4. She IS a Beautiful Girl!!! I love reading your blog about her!

  5. Well done Linda,
    Don't me afraid of scaring her too much. She really wants to be your friend.


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