Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Thee To a Farrier

Today I did something smart--I called my farrier. I didn't know if he'd want anything to do with a wild mustang, or I would have done it earlier.

I have to admit, in the little over a year that I've been lucky enough to have him care for my horses, I have brought my fair share of hard cases his way and asked him to do miracles.

And, today, I am riding my gelding who had the P3 fracture--not because anything a vet did for him (in fact, despite the first vet who misdiagnosed him), but because of the quality work that was done on his hooves by Scott Davidson.

So, embarassed as I was, I presented him yet again with another hoof horror story--maybe the worst yet. And this is what he wrote back:

Do not sedate her . If you can get a halter on her that is good enough. Remember that I grew up with this kind.
This is not difficult at all - I can trim her feet even if you don't get a halter on her.
I'm in New York and will get home Sunday. Call Monday morning and we'll do her that afternoon. BTW this horse has a club foot but a good trim will help. If it lived this long with these feet it will live after we take care of them.

Now that's a good farrier--one who will put your mind at ease. I can't wait until Monday--I'll know a whole lot more than I do now--and I think it will go very well for Beautiful.

So, now back to the value of an animal--even one as young and recently acquired as this--I believe that every animal we are lucky enough to caretake has something to give us back. I know it's easy to add up the costs in hay, vet, farrier, and board and think--hey, this is a losing proposition. And, I'm the first one to draw the line at expensive surgeries--there is a practical element involved.

Still, within means, the ownership of a horse (to me) is more than being able to ride it. I learn something new every day I go out and work with Beautiful--in that way, she is a teacher and a giver.

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  1. He's sounds like a great farrier. I can't wait to hear how everything goes on Monday.
    I agree so much with your last paragraph. Beautiful was so lucky to have found you.
    I think Wildairo and I were meant for each other. I love his fighting spirit because it's like my own and also I got him when I was just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. He gave me a reason to get up and get going again.


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