Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friggin' Cold

Today, June 10, I wore a parka and winter pants and boots to the barn. Andrea has a picture on her blog of the SNOW!!! What is going on???

My farrier came today and had to work in it. He'd come last week, but we hadn't caught Jasmine, so he had to come back today. Oh, was she scared. He's good with her--talks nice, hugs on her, but she was shaking. She stood still, but it was all she could do to hold herself together. And, reassuring talk doesn't do anything for her. I was proud of her that she let him do his work--she needed it.

There's a difference between Jasmine and the Mustang--Jasmine seems genuinely terrified and the Mustang seems more unsure.

One thing I've started doing with the Mustang is that I walk up confidantly and loudly to her each day--kind of pushing the envelope. I just don't want to tiptoe around her.

Good news about Cowboy and the jigging. I went on a ride with him yesterday and on the way back a horse ran past him and he started to jig--I corrected him and he stopped and walked fast the whole way home. He remembered his lessons and thought about it like the old days before his P3 fracture!! Man, was I happy--I didn't know if his mind was ever going to kick in.

The latest project around here is the front fence. When we bought this house last year it didn't have any fence--fourteen acres of nothing--so we keep chipping away at the projects.

The fence we're building is wood rail--one on top and then 2 lines of brown poly tape. I just discovere the brown poly tape and like it much better than the white since it is more natural and blends with the landscape and wood fence. I'll put a picture on the blog when it's finished--probably early next week.


  1. I can't wait to see your fence. It sounds like it'll look really nice.

    I think I'm going to come up today. I know that's short notice, but I just found out it's a good day to visit the people I'm going up to see. If it's okay I'd love to come visit your Beautiful Girl. I left my phone number and email on a message on the MDH board. I'll probably leave at about noon, then be up in Deer Park around 3. I'm hoping we won't be up there more than an hour or two.

    But if it's too much of an imposition, or if you're busy, don't worry. I just realized I'm kind of inviting myself over and I don't want to be rude. :)

  2. Great! I'll be gone until one, but then home for the rest of the day. A couple other MDHers will be here this afternoon for drinks--Sam and Tiki--so if you get here when they do you could meet them. They'll be here around 4:30ish. If not, that's fine, too.

  3. Cool! I'm not sure when I'll get there. I still haven't left home and it's almost 2:00. Give me a call on my cell sometime so I can get directions. I can't wait to meet your horses!


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