Saturday, June 28, 2008


What a busy weekend with Hoopfest 2008! My youngest son competed in it, so we've been there all day and preparing for it for weeks. We got home though, and still have time to string up the last strands of electric wire.

What a project! We had 400' feet of wood rails fence--1/3 of it over solid rock--so we had to build concrete forms. Then, about 7 acres of brown electric ribbon and electric wire--about 5 acres was already fenced that they've been on for over a year.

We let all the horses out tonight--well, 6 of the horses, that is, the mustang won't be out for a long, long time. There's another horse in the barn with her.

But I always worry when we let them into a new pasture because one time they broke the fence at night--probably trying to navigate a turn--and ended up almost to the Hwy!! We had just moved here and they didn't know anything about the area.

They're out there grazing right now and loving it--grass and alfalfa--but I'm going to put them in at dusk just to be safe--and let them out again in the am.

As for Beautiful, she hasn't been scratching her mane as much--so maybe the things I'm doing have worked. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to really work with her the last couple of days and I feel BAD about that.


  1. Glad to hear her mane is feeling better.

    I bet the horses had a blast in their new area! The fence looks great.

    Do you have to worry at all about them grazing on alfalfa? I had heard it was bad for them.

    Don't feel too bad about not working with her. Everyone needs a day or two off sometimes. She'll be fine.

  2. I am worried about the alfalfa--but there isn't much in there, so I'm going to just watch it closely. There's only one of our horses that it would really hurt--our fat one--Shadow.

    This morning they went out to eat again and now they're all standing around the barn seeking shade.

    Around here, all the grass burns out in July--so there won't be anything left to graze in about a month unless you irrigate--which we don't yet-unfortunately--maybe next year.

    Cia came from a barn that fed free choice alfalfa, if you can believe it. All the horses were pretty muscled up, but not fat. I asked the owner of the barn about it and he said he'd only had one really have a problem with it. He said they ate until they were full and stopped. Still, I was shocked.

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