Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 3 Intensive Training--4 days Until the Trim

I spoke with a Mustang Mentor today, and they're going to loan me "From Wild to Willing". I'm hoping for some help on trimming day, too--from friends or mentors or both. I want the experience to be a positive one.

More bad news, though--some of the mentors noticed the bad feet on a hand full of these mustangs and were shocked. They felt it was bad enough to lead to some permanent lameness issues.

This situation is heart-breaking, but I felt inspired to adopt this mustang--good or bad. I did not go to Ride the West to come home with a mustang--I didn't even know they were there. And, I already had my quota of horses and people were offering me more horses for free. I turned them down.

But here came this particular horse--and my heart opened up to her. So, I'm in this for the long haul--whether she's rideable or not. I just ask that she have the ability to walk and run and be pain-free like normal horses.

This mustang journey is like life--unpredictable, sometimes sad, with a tinge of painful beauty.

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