Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Is Her Story Til Now?

If only horses could talk--what a story these Mustangs would have.

Instead, we have to construct their stories out of what their bodies and their actions tell us.

Let me give you the information--and you can construct Beautiful Girl's Story.

She was rounded up in Beaty's Butte August 4, 2007. She was listed from 3-6 months--but she could be younger judging by her observed looks today. She lived at Burns from August until May 2008. She has a sewn up scar on her right hindquarter. She doesn't eat carrots, apples or grain. She likes to lie down in manure and she urinates by her feeding bucket. She has a sad eye--a been there, done that kind of attitude. I said earlier she pines for the herd, but I was wrong, she seems content to just observe them. She's super hungry--could eat all day if I let her. She's cautious, but not frightened. She seems relieved to be where she is, not wanting to get out.

I took a picture of her eye today--with the understanding that she's thinking about the camera--but I will tell you she didn't take a step back when I came up to take the picture, and she didn't seem at all nervous about it. So, what you're seeing the eye, is pretty close to what I see whenever I observe her.

So, what is Beautiful Girl's story?

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