Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Gentle--And I'm Starting to Like You


Same day, different story.

I cleaned her stall with her in it and she stayed in with me. She sniffed the wheelbarrow and the shovel and watched with open curiosity and calmness. A couple times she did shy away when I'd move too close or fast. And, I clucked at her to move away, too, so I wouldn't get kicked. I'm working on having her respect my space and know when she's invited in to my space.

I fed her from my hand in her stall, and she did very well with that. She seemed content to eat that way.

What a sweet filly.

Also, there is a scar on her top right hindquarter. It looks like it was stitched up at some point--maybe 2 months ago.


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  1. I love the blog! I'm really going to enjoy watching her progress. In a couple years we'll have to go for a trail ride together on our mustangs!

    Oh, and as for the easy keeper part, they sure do eat when they're growing! Tonka is 4 this year and still a pig. Luckily he's on grass for the summer, and now he's getting FAT.


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