Friday, May 23, 2008


At every point of training a horse we evaluate ourselves and the horses and what's happening between us. Eating hay out of your hand is great, especially if there is no trickery involved, but at some point she also has to know that just standing next to her is also an okay, safe thing.

Tonight I wanted to just be by her, her treat being, that if she stood still with me, I'd stop advancing and just be next to her. I did this until I was about two feet from her in a 12x12 stall with the exit open to her large 36'x30' run.

The 12x12 stall definitely makes her feel trapped, and I don't prefer to work in it, but it's where she wanted to be, and I felt safe enough.

At first she left the stall and I let her go out--followed--and she went back in. Eventually she settled to stay and let me be 4 -5 feet from her. We sat like that for a while, and then I advanced a foot, and a foot more later to the 2' distance. Then I left.

She's definitely frightened of me, especially when I advance toward her. Her instinct kicks in in fast and she moves away quickly. I think the good food is starting to have an effect on her, too. She's a little more lively.

You can see the change in her eye when I advance as opposed to when she relaxes. The look is almost blurry when she gets in that fright mode.

Patience. She is wild.

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