Monday, March 30, 2020

My CoronaVirus Post

Hello from Washington state, sadly, one of the epicenters of the CoronaVirus breakout. Here in Washington, we have been on a shelter at home order for about a week. I am on the east side of the state where there are about 136 cases and, as of today, 4 deaths--out of 500,000 population.  The state, as a whole, has 4,896 infections, 195 deaths, but they say our new infections are leveling off.

Tragically, it targeted our most vulnerable population--nursing homes. A friend of mine lost her mother last week and couldn't be by her side because of the nursing home rule.  Another is losing his mom, probably today--a problem breathing, that occurred while she was hospitalized for cancer complications--most likely she also contracted Covid-19.

I do wonder, now, if I had Covid-19 late January when I returned from Sedona. It had all the hallmarks, but I hadn't been to China--and they were like, "If you haven't been to China..!" But I did have close contact with Chinese tourists--who probably had been to China--and I offered to take their group picture--with their phone--and did not wash my hands after (because I had hiked there). They looked healthy and happy, and I highly doubt I had it--and would do it all over again (except now I'm better at carrying anti-bacterial) --but I will get the antibody test when it's finally out. 

What I had was a horrible virus that didn't go through any of the normal stages--it just hit the lungs like BOOM!  I coughed so much and so hard, I pulled the muscles around my ribs, and they are still not fully healed, over a month later.

My toe isn't healed either, but I was able to wear big boots and ride bareback last week.

I rode everyday last week, but that seems like a lifetime ago. This week, since the shelter at home, order, the weather has been full on crapola. Wind. Rain. Cold.

We did finish installing new flooring in the Dining Room and my music room.

There had been carpet there before and, it's embarrassing to say, but that spot had become a doggy peeing place.  Any new dog who came into our house smelled it, and confused it for the okay place to relieve themselves.  LOL.  It was a long overdue project.  The room had also become overcrowded after I moved my electric piano back from the office.  I took out my large desk and now it seems so much bigger. 

As for the future, Covid 19 is here to stay.  We're all doing our part to flatten the curve and hope it works fast so that the economy can get going again.  But our lives aren't going to be the same for a long time--and maybe never.  Just how they've changed, we don't know. As I search for things to ground myself to--the horses are an anchor.  If there is any light at the end of the tunnel, maybe it's that spring is here--and the return of living things--an awakening that will hopefully console all of us.


  1. It's good that you at least got to ride for your sanity. We've been staying home and not interacting with people. We are coping just like everyone else.And you are right, this will change our lives forever and we just don't know right now how it will affect how we deal with the future. I'm tired of watching the news, as you have heard New York is very hard hit right now. It's very scary. Luckily, we are in the country away from the epicenter. I feel for your friends, its a terrible thing to lose a parent and even worse not to be able to be with them.

    Our weather is the same, gloomy, rainy, windy.We had maybe one day of sun in two weeks. Stay safe and enjoy your farm and the horses.

    1. Stay safe back there. We watch New York everyday and listen to Cuomo’s briefings. He has been very reasonable in trying to strike a balance. I can tell he loves New York. That’s admirable.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the corona virus- my sister was in LA at about the same time and what she got sounds very much like you described, she too is thinking it was Covid 19.
    Our Province is under a State of Emergency, which gives the government the power to fine people for ignoring the physical distancing rule. So far they haven't but it woke people up a bit, especially the young people who thought they were 10 feet tall and bullet proof.
    There are no reported cases in our town....yet... and most folks here are being respectful of others space.
    The company I get my skin care products from, Riversol, stated making hand sanitizer and all the proceeds go to charity. They said if we know of any organizations in need, they will ship them a case free. I will see if the local women's shelter will let me give them their info. I find that people are really stepping up and being helpful, so hopefully that is one way our society will change for the better.
    As for me and Ted, not much change here except not being able to visit Ted's dad who is in a nursing home that has a couple of cases of the virus. If he becomes sick he will probably die as he is in his mid 80's so we are praying that he makes it through this. It would be devastating to not be able to be with him whenever his end comes. My heart goes out to all those families who are prevented from being with their dying relatives. Having been with 2 family members as they passed, and visiting 2 others shortly before their death, I know that it brings them comfort and I also believe it is necessary for our spiritual well being to be able to be there and pray for them as they pass. So this new normal will cause a lot of grief and feelings of unfulfilment that will probably stay with us longer than is normal.
    But meanwhile... I play with horses and that is my normal life anyway!

    1. Yes, we are lucky to have our lifestyle of horses and room to roam. I think the elderly are the most affected. They have to be so careful and are cutting themselves off from their families to stay safe. The new normal for them isn’t going to be known for a while. I hope Ted’s dad stays safe from it. 🙏 There’s nothing worse than facing death alone. Maybe they’ll figure out a way to suit visitors up and get them back in there. Praying for a cure or a vaccine, but I think it will be a while off. Stay safe!

  3. I am very excited for the antibody testing kits to be ready. I had a coughy virus in February which I don't think was COVID . . . but it could have been. No way to know right now. It is truly heartbreaking to hear about the losses so many people are experiencing.

    1. I just found out we were traveling the day after patient zero arrived in our state via plane from Wuhan. I am definitely wanting the antibody test. I hope more people have had it than we know. They need to hurry with the test. By February it may have well be spreading. He arrived January 21, and he may not have been the 1st.


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