Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Rent the Biggest Little Farm, Buy a Sun Shirt, & Do Some Back Stretches

If you get a chance, rent The Biggest Little Farm, and you won't be disappointed.  It's all about looking at problems as opportunities so that everything in your life on your farm, works in harmony.

It really captures the struggles of getting a little farm going--and bringing what was neglected back to life.  I watched it twice last week, and then ordered a copy for a family who I think will really relate.  I'm glad I watched it twice, because I had missed a very important detail about Greasy, the Rooster. It's quite touching, the way different types of animals care for one another.

And, if you like the Avett Brothers' music...you will LOVE the theme song--Sun, Flood, or Drought.


Back to sun protection shirts,... Grey Horse Matters recommended I look over at Duluth Trading Company for a good one, and I found two--the Sol Survivor (a little heavier, per reviews) $59.99 plus 15% off for a first time order.

And the Armachillo--$54.99 plus 15% off for first time order. (A lighter sun shirt)

Each one had excellent reviews--well made, stylish, lasts forever and ever and ever and ever, amen.  I'll let you know how they work out when they arrive.  Choosing a size was very difficult.  I'm about 135-140 and 5'6", so I went with a Medium, since that is what I normally wear. Fingers crossed.  If they don't fit, I may be out of luck returning them for another size--depending on if they have sold out of them (they're on clearance).  Plus, the time involved getting them back and forth.

Currently, I am living in my Eddie Bauer shirt, and since they changed the style and are clearancing out what was left of the old style, I ordered one more EXACTLY the same as the one I have now (pictured above, today, after it's first wash and hang out to dry).

I found a USED one in gray, my size, on Poshmark, and ordered that one, too.  They are so comfortable!  And they look dressy. I don't even care that it's used!  They don't wrinkle, they repel dirt, don't shrink, they stretch, have super sturdy buttons, flattering pleats, and they breathe!  (But beware the new style--no pleats, plastic buttons, and they're boxy. I will probably be sending my new style shirts back for a refund.  But some of the reviewers like the more relaxed fit.)

When GHM recommended Duluth Trading Company, it reminded me that I had purchased my summer sandals there--the Keen Kaci Ana.  I bought them late spring, and have worn them almost every day.  I've walked long distances in them, and worn them into town for dinner, concerts, and plays. I even garden in them! I have them in Dark Earth and Black.  But when I went to the site to pull their information for the blog, I saw they're clearancing them out!!  So, I bought a couple pairs for next year.  I'm boring like that.  When I find something I like--I buy as much of it as I can before they get rid of it.  (Refer to my panty peeve).  Anyway, I reviewed them while I was there, too.  I can't recommend them highly enough. Word of warning, black is already sold out.


And now, for my last NON-horsey topic--back stretches.  I am 9 days post back injury, and starting to feel almost normal.  (I won't be throwing my own saddle on just yet though!) But GHM mentioned that she also has back pain--which came from seemingly nowhere. (SO FRUSTRATING!)

Here are the stretches my brother recommended--some of which were already part of my yoga routine.  For lower back, doing nothing actually makes it worse.  Gentle stretches help open up the connecting muscle/tendon/ligaments around the injured site--giving them room to breathe and feel better.

This one feels soooo good!!


And the Cat-Cow Yoga stretch--back is screaming...yes!

While you have your yoga mat out, why don't you just do the yoga routine for lower back? (You'll thank me.)

I told you I got into yoga last winter, and I can't say enough good about it.  I LOVE YOGA!  I love the independence of it, the meditation, the thankfulness, the stretching, strengthening--basically, the WHOLE mind / body experience.  Light a candle, start some music, and stretch and pose to your heart's content.

Well, off to clean the barn!  Happy Trails!


  1. Thanks for the yoga stretches! I will definitely try them out.

    Hope when your shirts come they are a perfect fit. Those sandals look nice. I'm looking them up.

    I'm going to look up that movie too. Thanks!

    1. The sandals are almost all sold out, and they’re completely sold out now in my size. The leather has a softer, suede look to it than the picture shows. My two backup pairs arrived today and I tucked them away for next year. Haven’t received my shirts yet. Fingers crossed!

      Let me know if the stretches help. 😀

    2. The friend I rode with today buys Duluth and she told me to order Smalls just to be safe. I can always send whichever don’t fit back. I did that, and I’ll let you know how they work out.

  2. Thanks for the yoga. I'm trying to get into a routine myself. I've had trouble with a SI joints and lower back for over a year now.


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