Monday, September 9, 2019

Fraidy Cat

Yes, I'm a fraidy cat.  Always have been.  And the feared thing shifts and changes.  I have a ride coming up at a new trail tomorrow and I'm afraid of hauling Leah down the freeway.  The trail ride itself is fine, but the hauling with all those crazy drivers--noooooo!  I'm taking my horse trailer in for all new tires today at noon, just to be safe.

But what I'm even more afraid of is professional pictures with my heart horse.  The photographer has been patiently waiting for me to choose a date, and I went radio silent.  Why?  Because I was procrastinating.  Why?  Because I'm afraid they won't turn out well, because of me (I'm terribly unphotogenic) and then I'll feel horrible.

I tell myself--you already have so many pictures with your boy ....

Old ones....

and newer ones...

But they're all low quality--usually snapped with our phones out on the trail. And, although phone cameras have improved, they're still not quite there.

Well, I emailed her today to set a date for this weekend, or as soon as possible.  If it doesn't work out well, at least I'll know I tried, and I'll always have the photos above.


It has been raining here for two days and I can't help but feel very happy.  We avoided wildfire season in 2019!!  Yay!  And, this rain will replenish our pastures, which were starting to get bone dry and dormant.  I even ordered my round bales from our hay supplier because I was starting to have to feed by square-bale-winter-stash.  (He's harvesting wheat, so he can't deliver now anyway.)


So, my friend gifted me a box of Elberta peaches yesterday.  Have you ever had an Elberta peach?  She loves them, and she knew I would, too.  She was like, "Cut one now!  Try it!" So, I cut one into slices and.....OMG--yes, they are pretty wonderful.  So wonderful that as soon as she left I found an online recipe for Tennessee Peach Pudding, aka peach cobbler.

Here are the Elberta peaches, picked at Greenbluff, right outside of Spokane, WA.

And here they are swimming in sugar, butter, and flour.

Add more sugar and butter

Cook them up into something resembling "healthy" food.

And add a scoop of ice cream.

Voila!  Tennessee Peach Pudding!  And since my family is from Tennessee--it's also a genealogy lesson.

All this cooking of cakes is really just me embracing Autumn.  It's here.  Lovely, cool, crisp, wet, Autumn.  The fireplace is going.  Candles are lit.  It's getting dark earlier.  Football season started.  And we're craving comfort foods.  A spring and summer of plenty are giving way to a time of rest and thankfulness.  Last trail rides.  Hay in the barn. Chores and projects mostly finished.

And soon, hopefully some professional Fall photos with my heart horse.


  1. Oh I'm glad you are doing the photo shoot- you won't regret it.
    We are getting the rain here too, it only really started last night.
    As far as being a fraidy cat? (Love the photo by the way!) I always figure if you imagine the worst you are always pleasantly surprised when it doesn't happen! And it's good to not let your guard down, complacency probably causes more wrecks than anything else.

    1. When it comes to horses, that is definitely true. The trailer is in right now getting new tires. It's raining so hard, I can't imagine it clearing up in time for tomorrow's ride, but the forecast says "partly cloudy" and 68 degrees. At least the trails will be soft, and the temperatures pleasant. I wrote the photographer and told her I am a bit scared, and she said she totally gets that--and she is afraid, too, when she's on the other side. She asked if there was anything she could do to make me feel more at ease. Very sweet.

  2. It's normal to be afraid about some things. I never liked trailering to far away shows which involved going over the Gothals or Throgs Neck Bridges in N.Y. but we did it anyway and survived. And that was with Mellon kicking the walls and making the whole trailer shake when a semi was about to pass us. Very grab the wheel and hold on moments there. You'll be fine.

    The pictures will turn out just beautiful. I think you are very photogenic and cute as a button! Don't be so critical and you will treasure the photos.

    Those peaches look delicious as do all the great dishes you made with them. can never go wrong adding ice cream!

    1. I cannot even imagine hauling through New York. I get anxiety thinking about it. Leah is a bit like Mellon--she's super loud back there--and I always have to wonder if she's okay--but you can't exactly stop and look. I have a friend who has cameras in her trailer and can watch them as she's driving, BUT I would probably be in even worse shape. I'd get in a wreck watching or cause a wreck stopping somewhere unsafe. Thank you for the vote of confidence with the photos. I do need to stop being critical. I put this off all these years for the same reason--maybe I'll look better in a month....or two..or three--and now years have passed and I've only gotten older--and Cowboy much older. Time is running out for us. Yes, peaches and ice cream are so perfect together. Decadent! I have a lot more peaches left, so I need to think of others things to make. Ideas?

  3. I have enough nerves hauling on our little highways. I just pick a lane and stay there.


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