Thursday, January 10, 2019

What's Real and What Really Delights Me

...any of those others 
that smother with their rich expectations 
and leave a woman lonely for herself. 
Yes, for herself, if she can remember,
 then come back to what's real 
and what really delights her.

I had a poem published in 2004 titled, Unraveling Woman.  It's a long poem, in sections, but that is a portion of section 2.  My husband and I have been reorganizing our entire house for a remodel project we're currently in the middle of, and also moving a lot of our office furniture here, which called for a major spring cleaning.  We came across the journal it was published in, and I reread that now fifteen year old poem and realized...dear lord

how right I was back then!

As I was playing with the horses today, I finally came up with my goals for 2019.  I was struggling with them before--I've done the 100 days, then the 150 days, and last year, the 183 days of training.  But the word, "training", just wasn't doing it for me anymore.  It's not where I'm at in my journey with horses.  Personally, that's not what I think it's about.  It's much, much more about learning one another--horse and human--our boundaries, our shared joy, fears, adventures--it's a partnership.  

And, it's a delight.

So, in 2019, my goal is to seek those moments of delightment with my horses.

One definition of delightment--in the urban dictionary--is "pure pleasure."  And, that ladies and gentleman, is what I'm after.

Here is what delighted me today:

Tumbleweed walked over the bridge for me, at liberty, and I was able to hurriedly grab my phone and capture the moment!  

I must tell you, he invited ME to the bridge, rather than vice versa.  He made it clear he wanted to do an obstacle with me, we walked over together, I walked over it, he thought for a moment, then up and over.

Yes, I was delighted.  It was a moment of pure pleasure.

Then, there was this, as he danced around me.

and, these moments, where he chose to explore other obstacles...

and lick everything. (Foxy's like, is that food?!?  You're acting like it's food!)

Tumbleweed also went through these huge puddles with me, something he would not do a few months ago.  One of them, the widest, was boggy and soggy, but he did it.

He is officially a "yearling" now, and all grown out of his baby halter Shirley made for me.  I ordered two new ones from Knotty Girlz.

I also had play time with Cowboy and Leah.

A bareback ride with Cowboy, and puddle and obstacle work with Leah.  Both delighted me to no end.  The trust, willingness, and desire to spend time together.

This is what it's all about.


  1. Keep on writing, great job!

  2. Love this goal. I think we can get so caught up in the ‘must do’ and lose the fun.

    1. Very true. And it’s not to say I won’t be picking up his feet, having him stand tied, load, and all of that, but it’s about doing it in a way that keeps the two of us together and enjoying the moment. Same goes for Leah and Cowboy. I want to focus on that part of having fun together and walk away being able to say something about it was delightful, hopefully, for both of us.

  3. Great goals! I agree wholeheartedly that it's all about us having fun and making it fun for them too. I've never been the drill it into them sort of person with their training. I always like to show a horse how to do something and if they don't get it then we try a different way to get the point across. If its not fun or interesting for everyone involved then what's the point of riding in the first place. Of course, they do have to learn manners and behave but that comes with the respect they have for us. They do have lessons on proper behavior, I don't let them run amok with no guidelines. It always makes me proud of my herd when a new vet or farrier comes to the barn and comments on how happy and well behaved our horses are.

    1. Makes perfect sense that your horses would be well behaved, because you’ve made a safe and happy home for your herd. They thrive under those conditions.

  4. Ah yes those lovely loving moments!
    Looks like Tumbleweed is bonding with you now. He is also starting to look like his daddy in shape, whereas before he reminded me more of his mama. I am so happy that I get to follow your journey with him!

    1. Yep, we’ve kind of both bonded. He has gotten to the point of boredom, where he wants to be challenged. So, he welcomes my presence as a little entertainment. And he loves to give kisses. I adore him. 💕

  5. A perfect moment is a theme from the Star Trek film Insurrection - a culture where people learned to pause their moments to enjoy them. Take a look:

    1. That was great. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have that ability?

  6. It's good to hear from you. I was wondering how your big lifestyle change was going. Now I know, it's even busier then before the office closed. I am sure with time things will settle into a new normal. Tumbleweed looks like he has grown & filled out some. What a cutie! When our boys were yearlings, they used to lick all the barrels too. Koda loved pushing our giant exercise ball around them. Glad you are delighted!! It's the only way to be.

    1. It is strange how you quit work and become busier. 😂 There were so many things we had put off doing, that now we’re doing. I’ll be sharing some photos of these projects very soon. Being with my husband more has also being filling my time. I love it. We are sympatico and do better the more we’re together. Life is just humming along and it’s hard to get used to such contentment.

  7. Tumbleweed is looking good! Taller and his coat has changed a bit. Just checking on him!

  8. I remember just playing around with Gambler back in the day. I'm not sure I've experienced that yet with Ava. I need to get back to the fun!


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