Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Riding Beautiful & Leah, Music at the Barn,

"Honor lies in the mane of a horse." Herman Melville

 Bee-utiful view.

Oh, how I love her silver mane. I'm seeing it a lot more--from the saddle.  Rides are going well, and I'm trying to be better with consistency.  She does try to speed up when she's upset, and sometimes she spooks with a little jump, but so far so good. 

No bucking.

I'm also riding Leah in the arena, working on transitions, bending, softness, side-passing, and opening and closing gates.  I've had to work all week, so no trail rides.  I can tell Leah is getting bored in the arena, and I'm going to need to mix it up for her soon or else start experiencing some attitude.  She seemed on the verge today, but we somehow managed to maintain our element of fun and friendliness together.  

Last night at our lesson, we saw wasps coming out of my mounting block!  Rebecca saw them before I did, so we escaped getting stung. Grrr...bug season.  Bee would  not have been happy had she been stung--I may have seen that buck.

I play music in the arena nowadays.  It helps get my mind off of other things, like bugs, and more into the groove.  The horses like it, too.  Every once in a while Bee will jump when the song changes, but it's good practice for her.  

Here's the speaker I bought.  I LOVE it.  Great sound.  Waterproof.  Portable.  Automatically hooks to my phone's bluetooth as soon as I turn it on.  AND it has a 12 hour battery life.

Little Joe has laminitis.  He had it before I got him, at his old home, and now he has it again.  I noticed he was off after I put him out on pasture with the others for a few weeks.  They were on and off pasture, an hour or two here and there, but it was enough to trigger something.  My farrier trimmed him back and is going to monitor him.  I'm afraid it means he'll never be allowed on spring and early summer pasture again. And right now it means he's confined to avoid any bruising of the sole.  Although, my farrier does want me to use him in the arena--as long as he's comfortable.  

So yeah, he'll be in the Leah club.  Leah's laminitis was also triggered by pasture, and ever since she has been highly regulated, we haven't had a single issue.  She is doing GREAT!  But it feels mean.  I so wish they could just go out there and eat to their heart's content.  But  none of them have that life.  They will when it starts to brown up.

Looks like we're going to be building a 12x36 loafing shed from scratch.  I'm excited!  I'll keep you all updated when we start.

We're also expanding runs and doing some work on the stalls--in anticipation of bringing Tumbleweed home and making a place for him and what will be his surrogate mama--Penny.  The plan is to house them side by side and eventually release them together.  Penny has had foals before, and she is just the absolute sweetest, smartest horse ever!  She'll love T'weed.  They all will.

I showed my farrier T'weed's picture.  He said look at that butt!  If he grows into that, he's going to be a powerful horse.  I assured him, T'weed will be able to tie and pick up his feet by the time he gets his first trim--before I even go to pick him up!  He liked to hear that.  I wonder why? hehe 

Exciting times ahead!  


  1. Carmen's mane will be silver one day. it's hard to picture it now.

  2. I can see why you love Bee's mane, it's so pretty! Looks like an awesome speaker. I like riding to music too! Our trainers barn has no music, anywhere in/out of the barn. We are putting wifi access points inside our barn (and future indoor arena) so we can stream music. If they ever put us on their schedule... Our wifi won't reach the outdoor arena, when we get one. We will have to get a portable speaker as well.

    Shirley's homebred horses are the best, you lucky duck!! I am so happy I can follow along T'weeds upbringing from afar. He will be so far ahead of what most babies are like. Cierra's breeder works really well with the babies too. It makes such a tremendous difference.

    1. I agree! I think that solid, early start makes later training a breeze.

      I can get WiFi out there, and I almost got an Echo because we have Unlimited Amazon Music, but I opted for the portable because we can also take it out on our wave runners and wherever we go. I can stream music through my phone with my iTunes unlimited music account, or through my downloaded music. 👏

  3. So much going on! Sorry to hear about the laminitis, Dusty had that too and it did seem mean but she had to live in a grazing muzzle all the time. It’s the only way though. Love Bees mane it’s so beautiful just like she is. Keep us posted on your projects!

    1. Thanks! And I will keep everyone posted on the projects.

      I sure wish horses wouldn’t get laminitis. 😢 I used to dream of a house with lots of pasture, I never dreamed it would be so difficult when I finally got it!

  4. Rides on Bee must bring big smiles to your face!
    That is a good sized loafing shed. The one I have in the mare's pen is ok for 3 horses but it's a bit small now that Tumbleweed and Rosalee are in it too. Someone is always hanging out the end!

    1. Loafing sheds are great. My horses always crowd together anyway, so I bet they’ll all fit under it! Easy to clean with the tractor.

  5. Bee has a lovely mane. I'm a sucker for a nice mane & tail; though there are some horses who look adorable with a roached mane, I never could absolutely fall for a horse with a skimpy tail.

    1. Thanks, she does have a thick mane. My horses run the gambit. A long mane, tail, and forelock come in handy during bug season. 👍


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