Thursday, June 30, 2011

Training & Tickets for Buck

It has been a week since I started, or restarted, Beautiful's training. So far I've continued to work on leading, basic groundwork and grooming. We took two days off. I know she could be a lot further if I just sped it all up, but I don't feel in any hurry. One day, grooming day, she did so well with the electric clippers I just released her right after and called it good.

I do need to get out with her today and introduce the curcingle and saddle again. I purchased a tripod for my camcorder, so I hope to have some video of it afterward. Unfortunately, it's windy today, which will affect the audio quality.

We lost another barn kitty a few days ago. It had been getting weaker and weaker, but initially I felt like leaving it with its mama was the best thing to do. When it didn't improve, but only got worse, I decided to bring it inside and give it replacement formula. I made it a little bed in a box with blankets and a heating pad, but it was so weak it could hardly open its mouth for the bottle. I noticed, too, that it wasn't peeing, a sign, my husband said, that its kidneys had shut down. The poor thing passed away.

My daughter and I are going to see the movie, Buck, tomorrow. I think he's a trainer who brings a lot of grace to his work with horses. We've prepurchased our tickets and are ready to go after we get off a long, pack-your-lunch type trail ride.

I do need to go buy my Washington state Discovery Pass today. Starting July 1, 2011 you need one of these passes to enter the state parks. I don't have any problem with it. In fact, I think it's a good idea. It's only $30.00 a year--a small price to pay for access to our amazing equestrian areas.

***Note***Bought my discovery pass.


  1. Well you know that my philosophy is pretty close to yours. I'd leave her for the day too if clipping went well :)

    I'm seeing Buck this weekend!

  2. Cool! Let's compare thoughts afterward!! I can't wait to see this movie--been waiting for it for so darn long!!

  3. Sorry about the kitty, was it the little black one :(

  4. Where are you seeing Buck at?? I am so hoping it comes to the Portland area!!!

  5. Joanne, yes, it was. :(

    Redunnappy--we saw it here in Spokane. It was wonderful. I'll do a blogpost on it sometime this weekend or early next week with my thoughts. I would be surprised if it isn't playing in Portland. It was a mostly packed theater--more people than usually show up for a documentary, that's for sure! I'm going to see it again with my husband next week. Can't wait.


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