Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy (and tired) Puppy-Mama

Oh, I am such a busy puppy-mommy now-a-days. It's just like having a REAL baby right now. And my protective instinct has kicked into HIGH gear. You forget that, like human babies, puppy babies want to put everything in their mouthes. Puppy-mama, however, is vigilant and quite adept at the "swipe"--swiping my finger through her mouth to clear out the objects which enter there.

Our son babysat her for us so we could make it to my piano recital Friday night. I was a bit sleep deprived, but all went well. It was a friendly audience! My goal was to play through, no matter what happened, and I accomplished it. It was far from perfect, but what I took away from it is how little an audience expects when you're learning--they understand it's a work in progress, and most people admire you for trying. I learned a lot from the younger students who were up there performing. When they lost their place, they weren't afraid to stop and regroup and start again.

The thing about a live performance is that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong--so it's important to get up there and practice "live" as much as possible. The better you get at covering up your mistakes and moving the music forward, the better musician you become. The bigger issue is not IF you'll make a mistake, of course you WILL, but it's all about how you deal with it.

This is starting to sound like a puppy and music blog, but those two things really have been my focus lately. My puppy will be the center of my universe for a while--all things "horse" will be puppy related.

For example, Beautiful was the first horse to see the new canine trotting up the path with me this weekend. She was, as usual, fully engaged trying to figure it out. So, we went straight up to her and introduced them through the bars. Beautiful liked her and they both relaxed.

The puppy, however, is generally a little too insecure right now to fully appreciate the horses. They overwhelm her. She still needs to acclimate and find comfort here. I think there are many moments where she still feels anxious and misses her real mommy and litter-mates. We expect a lot of puppies--and my little girl looks much older than she actually is since she's an Irish Wolfhound, but it takes time to build relationships, even puppy/human ones. I think it's amazing that they're so willing to give you their trust--she was licking us right off the plane and out of her crate. How brave for one so young who had been on such a scary journey alone. My goal is to be by her side as she finds her place and her confidence in this big, often dangerous, world of ours!

I've been stopping by everyone's blogs, but I haven't always had the time to reflect and comment. I'll get better as my puppy grows and things settle down a bit.

Happy Trails!


  1. What an interesting light you cast on live music performances. It gives a new perspective on the very seasoned musicians who spend lots of time in concert. They've got all aspects of the music, and stage performance, mastered.

    I'm glad your recital went well ... Now when's your next one?

  2. ;) Good question. It will probably be next Christmas. I really want to do some playing at nursing homes though. So, I was thinking I'd learn some big band or old show tunes.

  3. Your new puppy is so darn cute!!! Just makes me want to get another puppy, which I can't, can't, can't!!!

  4. This is a fantastic photo of the two new friends! Love it!

  5. Irish Wolf hounds and Airedale's have always been my favorite dog breeds. I almost bought a Irish Wolfhound pup 30+ years ago. One day I will have one. I'm really looking forward to hearing all about your pup. She is so pretty! What is her name and how old is she?

    You were very brave to play in front of people. :)

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  8. Your new addition is just gorgeous! I'm in love with Beautiful - we are also raising a mustang. I will be following your blog. I've just found it today!



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