Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Trim Ever!

Today the farrier came, and Beautiful did her best ever. She only put her weight down on him once on the back right, but he said she doesn't really know what she's doing. He held onto the foot with the clipper and tipped it up so that she created discomfort for herself, and she corrected.

Then, when he went to the back left (and he really yanks that leg up to his level so they have to be pretty limber) she gave it right to him. She relaxed and let him pull it way up.

Afterwards, as we were evaluating her, he said he was impressed with her ability to think about things. He said that she has really come around and shows a great deal of trust. She has also filled out a little more on the new alfalfa diet.

Earlier this month we worked on stall walls--a little at a time. Eventually we'll do the fronts and then we can have the panels back for a roundpen.

As you can see, this latest addition gives me a place to hang my halters. Back when there was a panel there, Beautiful was a genius at getting her head through and pulling anything within four feet into her stall.

And last bit of news, our next door neighbor has an indoor arena that he has let us fix up to use through the winter! How lucky am I?


  1. Glad all went better with the farrier. An indoor - I'm really envious!

  2. That is so great Linda. I know winter riding is non existent for me. I really have to get back to riding - I started out really well and came to a stand still - just had all their feet done and ready to go again so hopefully will get out there, plus I have Ben back so 3 horses again. If you ever want to ride at Farragut let me know, Ben is a great horse so you could ride him :)


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