Monday, September 1, 2008

The Day Before the Farrier

Tonight my husband and I sat out on the bench in front of Beautiful's turnout, and we reflected on how far she has come--and what a different horse she is today. Sometimes it's hard to believe she was ever wild.

I've continued to work with all four of her feet in preparation for the farrier. I can hold the backs and pick them out just as well as I can the fronts now. I don't know if that will translate to the farrier being able to do the same.

She seems to love her life in the barn. The new barn cats share a cage next to her stall and she often puts her head down near them and looks in with those big doe eyes. When they're out, they run all around her and perch themselves above her on the rail, and she seems to like it.

The goats, too, and the pony, share a stall on the other side of her. We let the three goats out and they did laps around her stall and turnout--and she didn't bat an eye. The big wether even ate from her pile of hay and she let him.

When the gate's open, she never acts like she wants out of her little world in the barn. She communicates to us and the other horses and animals with her happy whinnies--she kicks it up in her run when she sees the food coming--she comes to us for petting and watches everything we do when we're out working.

I thought today how much I've received from her, too--how much I've changed for the better because of her. Its only been three months, but she has taught me so much. We've each learned to trust the other. We've become family.

Wish us luck tomorrow--good or bad--I know how far she has come, and I'm proud of her no matter what happens.


  1. There's a special aura around Beautiful. The little barn neighbors feel it and respond with trust. And I must say, her kind eyes are the windows to her soul. Love, Mom

  2. Will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow. I bet she will be really wonderful. Did I miss you the other day? Was hoping to see you.


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