Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beautiful's Third Trim

Well, another day, another trim--Beautiful's third in three months. Didn't get the back feet, unfortunately, but she almost gave them. If all he'd done is pick it up and hold it out, he could have got it, but he couldn't get her hoof and leg in between his legs. She just didn't trust him enough. The female farrier will be out in a few weeks--so hopefully, she'll be able to get them then.

My farrier did say that her feet are looking great, and she's going to be just fine. He said there's not much you can do about the bad care she got to start with, you just have to give her good care now. And, he complimented me on gentling her--and said she has come a long way.

The weather here in Spokane has been GREAT--so I'm out on trail rides almost every other day. I'd go every day if I could, but I run out of riding partners willing to ride at the same times I do. The ride I'm including here is up at Palisades Park in Spokane. We rode Rimrock Drive which overlooks the city and Mt. Spokane.

There's hardly ever any horses out there--and I'm SHOCKED!! Back in Lewiston everyone took advantage of the local trails, but here it seems like I never run into other equestrians. What's the DEAL??? Do people ride their horses in Spokane?? Hope I see more horse and riders out there this month!!!

Happy September Trails, Horsey friends!


  1. Love the pictures, the news about Beautiful and the trail rides.

  2. I'm glad Beautiful's hooves are going to be okay. So he thought it was trimming or the way she was kept, not heredity that caused the upright feet? I'm really curious, because there were a lot of horses at the adoption with feet like that.

    Lovely rides you have there! I wish I could hit the trails that often. I might be able to manage it this fall. :)

  3. Well I will try this again. My computer left me in the middle. Yes we ride our horses. Lots and lots. Mostly in Riverside this time of the year. Earlier we like it out at Fishtrap. Where is Palisades Park? Have not been there and we have lived in the Spokane area for years.
    Am glad your mares feet are OK. Bob thinks its the way they are trimmed at the corrals that makes them so upright.

  4. I think it's a guessing game as to why they're so bad--and the others who came in with her who seemed to have the same issue. He thinks her body is upright to begin with--so upright hooves would be natural--and genetic. Since they were kept in the pens so long--August to May--there wasn't any natural trimming of the hooves that she would have gotten in the wild. We don't know if she was trimmed at the corrals, but if she was, they were not done well. And, of course, nutrition figures in, too.

    He thinks her hooves will support her type of body, and that they'll only improve with time--though he does want to get to the backs--he felt that a "good" experience with him was more important than the trim itself at this point.

    Still, I do have that other farrier coming out soon--and I'm sure she'll be ready by then. I'm just going to have to practice putting those hooves between my legs--a weakness of mine.

    Lea--we'll have to do a ride at Palisades--it's at the end of Greenwood Rd--where Basalt and Rimrock Dr. intersect. It used to be open to traffic, but they closed it off to cars with gates. There's lots of trailer parking across the street from the entrance. :):) Riverside is great, too. We're lucky to have all this riding around here. It could be that the hours I usually ride are just not popular hours for other people.

    I LOVE September--it's my absolute favorite month to ride--so I want to take advantage of all the riding I can, while I can. :):) Lord knows, when winter hits, I won't be doing any. :(:(


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