Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Barn Family

Life in the barn is its own little microcosm. There is the goat family: Scotty, English, & Irish--and all of their crazy antics. Next door to them is the Beautiful Mustang, and next to her are the new little barn cats. (Of course, there's also, flies, spiders, birds, mice, voles and groundhogs--to name a few).

There's the hay--10 tons so far--piled in the back two stalls. And, on the opposite side of the aisleway are Zippy, Cowgirl and Jasmine. It's a GIRL barn--except Scotty the goat. (Poor guy).

A sure sign of domesticity in a horse is wearing the fly-mask. Nothing says I've been humanized like having your face covered in mesh with your ears popping out of a fuzzy little hole.

Beautiful balked at first, but she stood still and let me put it on and off before I left it on permanently. Then, she stood there like she couldn't walk, even though I had taken the rope off.

Well, that was until she saw me leave to get food. Then she figured out real quick how to walk and wear a fly-mask.

The barn kitties were spayed yesterday before I picked them up--so the poor things are recovering. They are so cute together--sisters. My husband and I had our coffee and ran right out to see them this morning. And, he's allergic to cats--or at least sometimes is--so that's saying a lot that he is so attached already.

Getting them from the shelter was sad--there were so many from this group--85 in all. They were all cute and had great personalities. I'm glad I chose mine online.

The two I picked are not named yet--I'm waiting until my kids get home from their Montana vacation and they'll each get to name one.

We're just one big Barn Family out there--it's a pretty nice place to be.


  1. What pretty kitties! Poor things at least they are getting new homes. Usually when the news does stories like that they get adopted a little faster.

    How cool that Beautiful is wearing a flymask! Does it have velcrow on it? How did she react to that? That was the biggest problem I had with mine was the noise of the velcrow.

    When we lived in CO we had to have flymasks on Sundance during the day because the dust and bugs made his eyes water. The neighbor asked once if he could see with that thing over his eyes. I guess he was watching him in our field one day running and thought he couldn't see and was going to run into something. Silly city folk. :)

  2. Hi Nikki--I was worried about the velcro, but it didn't seem to bother her. I wouldn't put one on her if she wasn't in a stall--but the flies are getting back out there. I spray her body and then the mask does the rest.

    One of the kitties seems lethargic today--she rests a lot. When we first got them she was the most active--but maybe the spaying has been painful for her. I'm going to watch her closely today.

  3. Good for you giving those cats a good home. We've adopted cats from there as well and it's such a sad place.

    That's funny that Beautiful didn't know she could walk with a fly mask on. She looks so cute.


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